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Meet Harrison.

Harrison is the CEO of TFL Marketing and represents the third generation of the Flag Lady Brand.

He began his career in marketing in 2007 during the economic downturn of the Great Recession which forced him to learn how to do a lot more with less.

In 2009 he opened Espire Marketing and developed the first of its kind full service eCommerce platform to offer a competitive to platform users by taking manufacturing data and seamlessly integrating it with the website platform.

In 2014, he joined and help build a specialty ecommerce marketing agency that started with only two employees working out of a supply closet and helped it grow to work become one of the most well respected ecommerce digital agencies in the US. We worked with some of the world's most well-known fortune 500 retailers across the country.

In 2019, he joined the family business as the COO/CMO to help implement the learnings from his time in his other work to grow the family business as well as expand manufacturing capability.

The strategies that were developed over these years are the very same strategies that led to the founding and opening of TFL Marketing - a Division of the Flag Lady.

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Our Process

In order to do great work, we like to get in the weeds to understand your business before we launch any initiatives. After we have covered all of our bases on auditing your current efforts and your competitive market, then we launch each initiative.

We work on a system of continuous improvement and allow the data to teach us and help us learn new insights about your competitive market, make the changes that we can make to improve sales, but also share the opportunities for changes you might be able to make to take get the most out of each opportunity. This is our business intelligence function and it's a very important part of what we do together.

Our goal in all that we do is to not only drive effective results now but also sow seeds for future success so that our clients are able to leave a legacy for future generations that will own and run their business.

Long story short...

We partner with retailers to build marketing programs that will produce positive results now and also for generations to come.

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